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Cataract treatment

At the Lexum clinic, we also treat one of the most common eye diseases – cataracts. Currently, there is no medication or special glasses that could treat cataracts. The only option is an operation, in which the clouded lens is removed and then replaced by an artificial lens. We offer the most advanced lenses, allowing you to go back to the times when you could see clearly and without any problems.

What is a cataract?

A cataract is a defect in the transparency of the lens, which reduces the quality of vision. It especially affects people over the age of 60. The disease starts with a mild degree of clouding of the eye’s lens, which might not influence one’s vision at first. However, if the problem is not treated, the clouding gets worse and significantly hinders the patient’s vision. The symptoms may include cloudy vision and partial distortion of the observed image or colours.


The surgery itself does not require hospitalisation and is performed under topical anaesthesia, in which the eye is numbed using eye drops. The whole surgery lasts approximately 15 minutes. The Lexum European Eye Clinic specialises in implanting trifocal lenses that provide sharp vision at all types of distance, so the patient does not need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Ask a LEXUM Clinic surgeon during your initial examination how to get a top-quality lens, which will allow you to:

  • choose the type of distance at which you wish to see sharply, or choose a lens that will provide sharp vision at all types of distance
  • see better and more clearly while watching your favourite TV programmes
  • drive comfortably in the dusk and dark and under reduced visibility conditions
  • clearly see all the details while enjoying all your leisure activities, be it cooking, gardening, DIY, or sport
  • read books or screens without glasses or contact lenses
  • feel contrast improvement

Choose a premium cataract treatment programme

I can see at three types of distance without glasses

Trifocal intraocular lenses make it possible to see clearly without glasses throughout your entire lifetime. The constant changing of glasses (long-distance, computer or reading) can become history. You will be able to actively engage in sports, drive a car, comfortably read a book or watch TV. All that without any glasses.

I can see at two types of distance without glasses

Do you wish to see sharply at long and short distances without wearing glasses? Thanks to the top-quality multifocal (bifocal) lenses, you will clearly see everything that you look at, whether it is your favourite magazine you are holding in your hand or a historical monument somewhere in the distance.

I can see at two types of distance – Toric lens

The multifocal Toric lens has many advantages. Not only does it remedy cataracts and enable you to see clearly both at long and short distances, it can also remedy a certain level of astigmatism – sight defects caused by a curvature of the retina leading to deformation of the image.

I can see at one type of distance

The top-quality aspheric lens will make it possible to see sharply either at a short or long distance, according to your choice, as well as to see in the dusk. This is an ideal solution for drivers in particular. You will also feel its advantages while watching television in the evening.

I can see at one type of distance

The monofocal Toric lens can treat cataracts and remedy a certain degree of astigmatism. You do not have to suffer from imperfect vision caused by an asymmetrical cornea any more. Even with astigmatism, you can see at your preferred type of distance without glasses.


This programme includes application of a special viscoelastic material for the protection of the cornea during the surgery.

Before the planned initial examination, the patient should make an advance payment of €400.

By making the advance payment, the patient confirms the binding date of the initial examination. The advance payment must be paid not later than 14 days prior to the initial examination; otherwise the initial examination appointment will be cancelled.
When paying for the treatment, the advance payment will be deducted from the total price of the package.
If the patient does not undergo the treatment within two months from the initial examination at the Lexum Eye Clinic, the advance payment shall not be refunded.

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