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A perfect result begins with a detailed initial examination

Each one of us is unique, and our eyes are unique too. Each of us has a different ocular defect, lifestyle and predilections, and thus also different requirements for vision. We understand that we’ll achieve the best results and earn your satisfaction only with a completely individual approach – a solution which respects all of your needs. We never rush an initial examination. We spend more than two hours on it – much longer than is the case at other clinics. But we’re convinced that only a rigorous approach from the very beginning can guarantee a perfect result and your full satisfaction.

With the help of state-of-the-art instruments and a series of comprehensive tests, our optometrists, specially trained nurses, biomedical engineers and a team of the most experienced physicians will determine every imperfection in your eye. Prior to a refractive procedure, for example, we test visual acuity using special phoropters. With a 3-D analysis of the eye we assess corneal thickness and curvature, pupil width, binocular vision. After applying drops which dilate your pupils, we check the state of the retina and lens; we’re even interested in the amount of tears and the composition of the precorneal film, the quality of which is very important for a good result. We even examine a wavefront analysis of the eye, i.e. so-called higher-order aberrations which are individual for each eye, just like fingerprints. These fine ocular imperfections, which cannot be corrected by any glasses or special contact lenses, are often responsible for up to 15% of the overall vision defect, and their correction is thus very important for the quality of vision, especially in twilight or at night. All of these tests are painless. Our entire team is prepared to answer all your questions at any time, and we’ll give you as much time as you need.

Only based on such perfect understanding of even the finest details and imperfections of your eyes, as well as of your lifestyle and needs, can we – together with you – select the best procedure.

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