Before the planned initial examination, the patient should make an advance payment of €400.

By making the advance payment, the patient confirms the binding date of the initial examination. The advance payment must be paid not later than 14 days prior to the initial examination; otherwise the initial examination appointment will be cancelled.

When the treatment is paid for, the advance payment will be deducted from the total price of the package.

If the patient does not undergo the treatment within two months from the initial examination at the Lexum Eye Clinic, the advance payment shall not be refunded.

Laser Vision Correction

Give your eyes the best care possible and change your life. Glasses and contact lenses will finally become history.

  • We have more than 20 years of experience during which we have performed over 200,000 surgical procedures
  • We perform a very thorough examination before each surgery
  • We treat refractive errors with all the methods available and we always choose the best method and the one most suitable for your eyes
  • The price of laser surgery is currently very reasonable – sharp vision is not financially demanding any more

People are different and so are their eyes. The Lexum Eye Clinic is the only eye clinic in the Czech Republic that provides a truly complete set of treatments for refractive errors, including the latest ones, such as the ReLEx Smile procedure.

With our special individualised programmes, we can remove even the slightest optical imperfections to improve the visual acuity of our clients and ensure their complete satisfaction with our services.


What method of laser surgery is the best?

You have surely heard that newer, better and less invasive procedures are now available. But which one is truly the best?

We have been providing care for our clients’ eyesight since 1993. Our 20 years of experience in the industry leads us to believe that there is no single, universal or ideal procedure suitable for all our clients. It is best if the clinic uses a large number of various modern methods and proven treatment procedures. Thus, the physician can choose the best method “tailored” to each patient. Only in this way can a perfect result of the surgery be achieved.

One cannot say that ReLEx Smile, the latest method of treatment, is undeniably better than Femto Lasik. Surface procedures such as PRK or Lasek are definitely not obsolete, and, for many patients, may be more suitable than the latest methods. Therefore, we approach each patient individually, and always according to their needs and requirements.

Our team of professionals make use of the latest Visumax femtosecond laser made by Carl Zeiss, which enables us to perform laser operations with maximum accuracy and with hardly any actual physical contact with the eye.

The Femto Lasik method is the standard procedure. It combines precision with the perfection of using two lasers simultaneously, a femtosecond laser, which creates the protective corneal flap, and an excimer laser, which makes it possible to treat both significant and also the slightest of refractive defects (aberrations). The visual acuity is thus improved more than ever before.

ReLEx Smile, one of our latest unique procedures, enables an extraordinarily gentle eye operation while ensuring precision even in the correction of high refractive errors. The operation is performed using a single femtosecond laser, with no need to create and fold back the protective flap of the cornea.

Furthermore, we are equipped with a Mel 80 excimer laser made by Carl Zeiss, which can remove the slightest of optical imperfections in your eye in a matter of tens of seconds. Our clinics are equipped with highly sophisticated instruments, aberometers and optical tomographs capable of revealing all the slightest optical imperfections, which cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses, no matter how good they are. We regularly follow the trends in cutting-edge technology and constantly evaluate carefully which technologies will actually be of benefit to our clients. In our work, we go by the maxim that the progress of technology cannot in any way jeopardise the health and comfort of our clients.


Implanting a premium intraocular lens

Implanting a premium intraocular lens can represent a solution particularly in cases where laser correction is not an optimal or sufficient solution for the particular client. This method involves replacing the original lens with an artificial one that corrects refractive errors and reduces or even completely removes the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Modern premium intraocular lenses can improve the client’s short-, medium- and long-range vision. We offer intraocular lenses made by the premier world producers (Carl Zeiss, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, AMO and others).

Do you wear reading glasses? We have a solution for you too!

Presbyopia, i.e. the progressive loss of the ability to focus on objects that are close, cannot be described as a medical condition. It is not an eye defect as such, as it occurs as a natural consequence of ageing, which affects the internal structure of the lens. The lens in the eye gradually loses its elasticity, as well as the ability to accommodate, which normally enables the eye to focus on nearby objects.

We can easily treat presbyopia using a sophisticated laser programme or state-of-the-art multifocal, trifocal or toric intraocular lenses. During a comprehensive initial examination, which usually takes a little over two hours, we detect any imperfections in your eyes with our state-of-the-art equipment and a series of tests. Our physicians then select the best solution for your eyes.

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